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Our mission is to lead the transition   to the new farm vehicles standard


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AGRI EVE is developing the most capable portfolio of electric tractors and farm vehicles built to last all electric all innovative innovative with the decisional model based on AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) solutions adoption. And we're building them right here in Italy. Thanks to EVE CONSULTING, (Agri-eve parent company), AGRI EVE has acquired all the experience made available by years of research and development carried out on products and suppliers, allowing AGRI EVE to take advantage of all the parameters necessary to ensure reduced times for the development and testing phase of the whole the powertrain component. All this has made it possible to create an extremely efficient vehicle and guaranteeing the necessary safety for the vehicle movement and dynamics systems. EVE has created a number of products tailored for this type of vehicle, including battery management systems, on-board chargers and traction motor controllers.



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The electric tractor for vineyards,orchards and greenhouses. High-performance hydrostatic drive, 2 mechanical gears and 2 hydraulic gears selectable while driving, infinitely variable speeds from 0 to 40 km/h in both directions, with multi-function joystick, "AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEM" for road use, with automatic adjustment of speed according to tractive effort. Our TWIN STEERING SYSTEM is unique on the market and gives you the advantages of 3 steering systems on one tractor.


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The Benefits of Remote-Controlled Tractor. The remote control can improve the field operations and vehicles coordination. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY While working longer with less fatigue increases production, using a remote also contributes to a more consistent result. SAFETY The use of a wireless remote control eliminates the need for the operator to be in direct contact with a running machine. EASY OF USE An obvious benefit of using a remote is that it causes less fatigue than traditional operation. DIVERSE WORKFORCE Remote technology may appeal to those who are aware of the physical toll that comes from manual labor.


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Electric Tractor for municipalities. Electric Tractor for municipalities. Intelligent four-wheel drive systems. Power, reliability & efficiency you need improve productivity. High-performance hydrostatic drive, 2 mechanical gears and 2 hydraulic gears selectable while driving, infinitely variable speeds from 0 to 40 km/h in both directions, with multi-function joystick, for road use.


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Autonomous Unmanned Tractor The continuing evolution of automotive technology aims to deliver even greater safety benefits and deliver automated driving systems (ADS) that can handle the whole task of driving when we don't want to or can't do it ourselves. The AUGV is able to move autonomously while automatically detecting and avoiding obstacles. The vehicle also reads directions from QR codes, calculates the shortest path to its destination and autonomous move towards its final destination.



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Electric farm vehicles are becoming a popular alternative to traditional internal combustion powered vehicles. From savings money on fuel, to reducing one’s carbon footprint, there are many reasons why today’s consumers are demanding electric The full electric power-train solutions for the two wheels, sub-compact, agriculture, utility, and compact tractors.


Our products


The AGRI EVE Tractor Advantage. AGRI EVE tractors have better torque and power delivery than traditional tractors. This is because electric motors immediately deliver maximum torque, unlike internal combustion engines where maximum torque is reached at a specific number of revolutions. In addition, the motors have incredibly efficient and long-lasting technology, which means less maintenance and a longer life than traditional motors. In addition, fully electric tractors save significant amounts each year on maintenance and are much less prone to mechanical breakdowns or malfunctions.

Battery pack

High efficiency and durability. AGRI EVE tractor batteries offer high quality performance suitable for small, medium and large electric tractors. POWERFUL, FLEXIBLE AND CUSTOMIZABLE. Our batteries can provide high power for long periods and have a compact build with an exceptionally long life. COMPACT AND HIGHLY RELIABLE. The compact design of AGRI EVE battery packs allows for convenient installation and easy maintenance. Battery packs are also ruggedly designed to provide the performance and safety required in harsh conditions.

Charging station

Smart Fast charging. AGRI EVE tractors can be recharged in slow mode or where available the tractors can also be charged in DC fast charging mode at 50kW. The SMART MODALITY in combination photovoltaic panels allows greater resilience and can be combined with the SMART storage system that considers the needs of vehicles, price of electricity and the load of the location. The AGRI EVE Tractors can charge up to 22kW, it can take anywhere from 2 hours to 10 hours to achieve a full charge. The Tractors can be also charged with a DC 50kW in 1,5 hours.

Integrated power-train

The electric motor, power electronics and transmission are combined in a compact unit directly powering the vehicle's axle. This aids in making electric drives less complex but simpler. Additionally, the powertrain becomes more compact and more efficient thanks to the integration of electric motor, power electronics and gearbox in one single system housing.

Heavy duty Power-train

Electrification is a growing trend within agricultural technology for a variety of reasons. Upcoming stringent emission legislation,and renewable energy interest are just some of the reasons to pursue e-drive solutions.Modular Solutions with a Customer Focus Our electrification solutions are highly sophisticated and customer oriented. Our tailor-made solutions cover the development of optimized tractors and agricultural machinery.

Light Power-train

Lightweight, compact and high-efficiency powertrain for electric vehicles EVs. The EVO 6 removes the need for an internal combustion engine. It is a lightweight, compact system that produces extremely low vibrations and generates instant torque. These elements combine to deliver a high quality, smooth and very responsive drive. The EVO 6’s key components are its inverter, high-power electric motor. The unit was developed to displaying high performance and high durability.


About us.

Evolution sometimes takes a little reflection. A pause to look back, then forward. Taking the path of the all-electric 4x4 tractor was obvious for AGRI EVE, though a long overdue refresh in the landscape of vehicle design was in order. Our unrelenting drive to build a new standard in tractors started with a need that had been overlooked by automotive manufacturers for years. We didn't entirely reinvent the tractor concept to create a new EV tractor! that was a pretty sound design already. We did, however, rethink every other system on tractors, how we use them and what we wished they were able to do. For these electric-powered tractors to be unlike any other, we stripped the old systems away, made improvements on them, or simply left them alone because they worked great already. By designing an electric 4-wheel-drive, we have created a new platform of electric tractors capable of exceptional performance, combined with never-before-seen utility features. Our all-electric, drivetrain creates best-in-class horsepower and torque, all-wheel drive, weight distribution, unbeatable traction, and best-in-class ground clearance.